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To Homer & Back Returns! 2016 Football Season Preview Podcast

The STL podcast crew is back to preview the upcoming football season

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With a new football season begins a new season of Streaking the Lawn podcasts! Join Pierce, Caroline, and Paul as they break down their thoughts on the new coaching staff, the results of summer practice, and their expectations for the upcoming season. The crew offer some predictions for key players, potential upsets, and the possibility of a bowl game - as well as an introduction to a new weekly segment: DEFEND YO SELF.

Join the podcast crew as they get amped for the season opener - possibly more amped than they’ve been in a long long time...

Disagree with something? Got an upset pick of your own? Feel the need to defend a garbage-level burrito joint? Leave a comment below!

Embrace the gooberness...

Have you signed up for our College Football Pick ‘Em league yet? It’s not too late! Go to Yahoo! and enter in the group ID 4131, with the password "bronco". You can find the full details here. Good luck!