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THE COLUMN: Virginia vs. Richmond Complete Preview

The Column is back! Virginia football is back!

. . . and we're back.

College football season is upon on, on Saturday, to be exact. The 'Hoos have swanky new uniforms, a swanky new endzone, and a swanky(?) new head coach in Bronco Mendenhall. Ever since the firing of Mike London, change was promised and it is evident that there has been plenty of it. The #HoosRising campaign is seemingly reinventing the culture and mentality of Virginia Football.

On the field, it remains to be seen how the Cavaliers will perform. We can only hope that Bronco Mendenhall will create a football program as successful as he did at BYU. Undoubtedly, it will be a building process to get there and this first year will be unpredictable. But, this new chapter in Virginia football is going to be full of excitement, touchdowns, and hopefully, plenty of wins.

Let's break the first game down in visual goodness in THE COLUMN:

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