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Virginia Cavaliers vs. Oregon Ducks Game Thread

It seems like the impossible task, but...what if...?

NCAA Football: Richmond at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Time: 10:30 p.m. ET
Date: September 10, 2016
Place: Autzen Stadium (Eugene, Oregon)

How to Watch on TV and Online

Spread: Oregon -24
Last Meeting: UVA 10, Oregon 59 (2013)

A college football Saturday sort of works like a factory floor, if you squint hard enough. The whistle blows at 12:00 eastern time, and the first shift of games commences. Reinforcements of varying quality arrive at 1. The noon games wrap up around 3:30 in time for the second shift to start. The second shift will get you to the evening meal, and may even join you at the table if you’re watching one of those 4 hour SEC slogs. The third shift starts between 7 and 8 and escorts all us east coast dwellers to the doorstep of dreamland.

Tonight, dear Cavaliers, we’re on the fourth shift. The west coast primetime slot. We’re headed well beyond the witching hour tonight, and half of you probably won’t make it out awake, especially if you’ve been parked in front of the television since noon. It’s an hour that feels more suitable for a horror film than a football game, and we just might get to watch some horror after all.

Virginia is heading out west to face the University of Oregon, a return trip from the 49 point thrashing the Ducks delivered to Scott Stadium back in 2013. That Oregon team was #2 in the nation at the time, and ended up with an 11-2 record. This iteration of the Ducks is not quite as highly regarded, but still more than capable of delivering a blowout if Virginia has not improved mightily in the past week. The fourth shift, however, has earned a reputation for being the home of odd games, strange results, and the occasional mind-melting upset. You should probably watch it with us...just in case.

The Game Thread is open.