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To Homer & Back Podcast! Is it time to panic? UConn Preview! Basketball Schedule!

STL Podcast crew discuss the 0-2 start for UVa Football and look towards this week’s game at UConn (plus basketball talk!)

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It’s been a couple weeks since the optimism espoused by Pierce and Caroline in the preview podcast. How is the STL Podcast crew dealing with the disappointment of the 0-2 start? Has it changed their outlook on the season? Pierce and Caroline detail their thoughts on any silver linings, disappointments, and if there is any possible (realistic) chance for a bowl game.

Listen in as the dynamic duo dig into the first two weeks of the football season - plus bonus thoughts on the newly released 2016-2017 basketball schedule.

Got your own thoughts? Disagree with their thoughts? Want to exercise your finger dexterity by typing random letters into a chat box? Hit the comments!