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Malcolm Brogdon is exploring the great state of Wisconsin and loving every second

It’s the same Malcolm we know and love: he’s serving, he’s humble, and he keeps saying “yes sir.”

2016 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
Basically Malcolm Brogdon’s high school senior picture
Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Malcolm Brogdon is the greatest. You know that. I know that. All of the Commonwealth of Virginia knows that. Even Blacksburg.

Now, the state of Wisconsin is getting to know — and starting the like — the Malcolm Brogdon we’ve fallen for. And you know what? It looks like Brogdon kind of likes it back.

The Bucks tweeted the video below showing some highlights of the Bucks rookie and Virginia alumnus exploring the state — tasting cheeses, working at McDonald’s, serving Frito pie out of a truck, and so on.

Enjoy the dunk fest. Enjoy Brogdon talking to kids about the importance of education. Enjoy him eating an apple wishing it were an onion (he doesn’t explicitly say this, but we see it in his eyes).

Malcolm continues to be the best.