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Virginia Had Added Motivation vs. CMU

Thanks Kirk Herbstreit and College Gameday! We like Ws!

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Virginia
Albert Reid and the Hoos celebrate
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Did the Cavaliers have some added motivation this weekend against Central Michigan?

After listening to how underachieving they were from the UVa fanbase and media, it appears they were chomping at the bit to show everyone that they were better than their 0-3 record showed.

On College Gameday or Sportscenter this morning, Kirk Herbstreit reportedly claimed the Hoos might go 0-12 in 2016.

Looks like Albert Reid heard Kirk and took it to heart by putting it on Twitter.

The 4th year running back had a great day rushing 10 times for 47 yards and a touchdown.

Coach Vic So’oto saw the tweet and wanted to make sure everyone saw Reid’s tweet after the game as well.

Let’s hope ESPN and College Gameday pick against the Hoos every weekend and the Cavaliers are watching during their pre-game.

UPDATE: Thanks to @CurtisAtkinson for pointing this one out to us and for Erik Hall for capturing that wonderful comment from Kirk!