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Virginia Football Week 1 Stats Recap

Not surprisingly, the numbers weren’t pretty from Virginia’s week 1 loss to Richmond.

NCAA Football: Richmond at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

In this weekly column, we will dive into interesting statistics or trends that jump out of the most recent game or the season so far. Before dissecting all the abysmal stats from the debacle against Richmond, there is one glaring positive stat to take away from this game.

  • UVA did not commit one penalty in the entire game. This is the first time they have done that in almost 10 years, dating back to November 2006 vs. Miami. No other team has done that in the opening weekend this year, and it only happened six times all last season.

That was probably the only aspect of the game in which the Hoos executed well.

  • The Virginia defense gave up 524 total yards to the Spiders, which is the most they have given up in over two seasons. It was the most they have allowed to a non-Power 5 school since 2000.
  • It was the first time they allowed a 300 yard passer and a 100 yard rusher in the same game since the Ball State loss in October 2013.
  • It was the first time they gave up at least 325 passing yards and 180 rushing yards since the USC beatdown in 2008.

The offense is not off the hook either.

  • UVA ‘s 38 rushing yards were less than they rushed for in any game last season.
  • The Cavaliers committed 4 turnovers for the third time in their last 10 games. That did not happen once in the 2004-2007 seasons.
  • Virginia’s most dynamic playmaker, Smoke Mizzell, only had 31 total yards, his fewest in 15 games.

Hopefully, if they can use their focus on avoiding flags on to all other aspects of the game, the Hoos can turn their season around.