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Virginia accidentally made a three on Wake Forest while trying to burn time

Sometimes, the ball finds its own way into the basket. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Virginia Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday night’s contest between Wake Forest and Virginia went back and forth for much of the game, until the Cavaliers pulled away late in the second half. The Demon Deacons began fouling the Hoos with just over three minutes to go, but finally gave up when still down double digits with just over 30 seconds to go.

In basketball, there’s an unwritten rule that when the opposing team stops defending and stops fouling, you just stand in the corner and dribble the ball until time expires.

With Virginia’s final possession and the Hoos up 76-62, Marial Shayok, who had been shooting 55.6% on the evening, tried to do just that. But with the shot clock expiring, Virginia wouldn’t be able to hold on until the final buzzer. So Shayok just launched it.

Sometimes, you just can’t miss, even if you try. Whoops.

Even SportsCenter noticed it.

Save some of those threes for the next game, Shayok!