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WATCH: Isaiah Wilkins takes off for layup a liiiittle early on the fast break

It’s all good, points still count.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at VCU Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia picked up a huge road win over VCU this afternoon, 76-67, behind the hot-handed Kyle Guy. Fourth year Isaiah Wilkins had another quality day for the Hoos, finishing with eight points, eight rebounds, two assists, and a steal. As per usual, he also had the box score intangibles with three drawn charges and a couple tip outs.

One of his biggest plays came with Virginia clinging to a four point lead with just under six minutes to play. VCU missed a shot badly, spurring the fast break.

Although it looked planned, Wilkins made things a little harder for himself than necessary with the world’s longest finger roll*. “Alright, let me tell you what happened,” Wilkins said with his usual candor postgame. “...I was running and somebody - I think Ty was running with me - so I was going to pass it to Ty, but then he [the defender] ran to Ty and I just jumped mad far out and it just went in. After that, I don’t know what happened.”

*not confirmed

Even Coach Bennett got a kick out of Zay’s long-reaching layup. “I think the play of the game was Isaiah Wilkins finger roll from 28-feet?” Bennett said with a laugh. “When he did it, I smiled at the bench.”

Virginia finished the game with 18 fast break points and held the Rams to none, just as everyone expected.

UPDATE: The original version said the play came after a steal, but it was off of a rebound.