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Offensive lineman Martin Weisz becomes first official Virginia commitment in early signing period

He of recent sweater fame sends in 1st LOI for UVA

Student Sports

Name: Martin Weisz
Hometown: North Palm Beach, Florida
Position: OT/OG
Ratings: *** (.841 in 247 Composite)

Weisz committed to Virginia in June. Here’s what we said at the time:

At 6’6 and 300 pounds (275 according to 247Sports, but 305 according to Scout and 295 on Rivals), Weisz fits the size mold that Virginia has been recruiting along the O-line. He’s got very active feet when he engages a defender, but needs to improve the violence of his hand strikes; you can see a couple instances where he makes first contact with his arms already extended, but overcomes that deficiency by being bigger, stronger, and moving the rest of his frame together underneath him.

He also recently delighted UVa fans with a creative dig at Virginia Tech.

Welcome to UVA, Martin!