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#NewStandard18: National Signing Day running tracker

Hoo has signed? Hoo is still left? We’ve got your updates.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Happy early National Signing Day! This is the first time recruits have had this three-day window (December 20-22) to sign and fax their letters of intent to their new schools.

Hoos Signed

Here are the new Wahoos that the Virginia Cavaliers have welcomed to the team in the 2018 signing class:

Martin Weisz, OL

Derek Devine, OL

Hunter Pearson, PK

T.C. Harrison, OLB

Joseph Bissinger, OL

Bobby Haskins, OT

Grant Misch, LB

Noah Taylor, LB

Jaylon Baker, CB

Joseph White, DB

Bryce Perkins, QB

Javar Garrett, OLB

Ugo Obasi, WR

Jordan Redmond, DT

Wooby Theork, WR

Brennan Armstrong, QB

Billy Kemp, WR

Tavares Kelly, WR

Samson Reed, DE

Not Signing Today

DJ Brown, CB

Will Lawrence, OG

Micah Mariteragi, OT


The Hoos are building off of a successful season that saw Virginia triple their win total from the season before and make a bowl game for the first time in six years. Virginia’s coaching staff is feeding off of the enthusiasm, and building on the “new standard” adopted and implemented by this year’s team.

Plus the coaches are adding big heads of all the players to a “Welcome Wall”, and I’m 100% here for that.

Stay with Streaking the Lawn for updates throughout the day.