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#NewStandard18: Corner Jaylon Baker signs with the Hoos

The defensive back from Chattanooga was a recent commitment for UVa

Virginia v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Name: Jaylon Baker

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Position: CB

Rating: *** (.8577 on 247 Composite)

From when Baker committed last week:

This is a prototype Mendenhall corner. At 6’2, 170 pounds, Baker fits the mold currently occupied by the likes of Tim Harris and Bryce Hall. He’s long, too, with a wingspan that looks more like 6’5. The thing that jumps off his tape the most is his physicality: whether it’s against the run or separating a receiver from a pass, Baker plays downhill and makes sure, startling contact. He’s instinctual in space as well, making plays off his assignment if the ball is coming in nearby.

See you soon, in Charlottesville, Jaylon!