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The Prez adds reigning MVP Russell Westbrook to his “dunked-on” list

The latest of many NBA superstars to get posterized by the 2017 Rookie of the Year.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James. Kyrie Irving. Dwayne Wade. Nerlens Noel. And now Russell Westbrook.

What do all these NBA superstars have in common, you ask?

They’ve been mercilessly dunked on by the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year, Malcolm Brogdon. Westbrook is the latest to feel the wrath of the Prez and his Secret Service as Brogdon went hard to the hoop in the second quarter of the Milwaukee Bucks game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. After the dunk, Uncle Malc gave the 2017 NBA Most Valuable Player his best stare-down.

Kicking ass and taking names. Who is next?