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#HoosOnBoard17: Germane Crowell, CB

Germane Crowell

Name: Germane Crowell
Position: CB
Hometown: Winston Salem, NC (Carver)
247 Composite: 3*, 86.46

A UVA legacy—through both his dad, wide receiver Germane, and his uncle, linebacker Angelo—Crowell picked the Hoos over Florida, Georgia, Notre Dame, Penn State, and Virginia Tech. He played both ways in high school, but enrolled in January as a cornerback.

Look for Crowell to play mostly boundary corner: along the sideline, using his 6’3 frame to contest jump balls and deep routes. He’s springy and nimble on his feet, but also willing to stick his face in and make a tackle in the run game. At the same time, he played a lot of safety in high school and could stand some coaching up on technique—especially if he’s left on an island in man-to-man while Bronco sends the blitz.

Welcome to UVA, Germane!