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#HoosOnBoard17: Gerrik Vollmer, OL

Name: Gerrik “Ze German” Vollmer
Position: OL
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany (The Taft School)
247 Composite: 3*, 82.85

Vollmer was an early commit to Louisville, but when the Cardinals changed offensive line coaches in December, Vollmer looked elsewhere. Virginia came in late to the game but snagged a commitment from Vollmer just yesterday.

This is the under-the-radar prospect I’m the most excited for in the class of 2017. Some of it is for silly reasons (ZE GERMAN). For crying out loud, the FIRST PLAY of his Hudl film is an OFFENSIVE TACKLE SCREEN, that almost goes for a touchdown! But a lot of why I like Vollmer is because of what he’s shown in a short career on the football field. I like tall linemen with a mean streak in their run blocking. Vollmer has that, in spades. His technique is inconsistent—he has a tendency to let his hands get outside his frame, and sometimes leads with his facemask instead of his hands. When it’s good, however, it’s VERY good: of the linemen in this class for the Hoos, I would argue Vollmer has the best punch to disengage a pass rusher’s hands from establishing inside control. I’m excited what another year or two of experience and coaching can do to Vollmer’s natural skills and mindset.

Willkommen an der Universität, Gerrik!