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#HoosOnBoard17: Ryan Swoboda, OT

Name: Ryan Swoboda
Position: OT
Hometown: Windermere, FL (Windermere Prep)
247 Composite: 3*, 83.65

A relative newcomer to football, Swoboda picked up a handful of offers after just two seasons playing football. USF was his other FBS offer, with Dartmouth offering and UCLA and Oregon State interested.

He’s easy to spot on film: Ryan is either 6’9 or 6’10, depending who you ask. Despite that height—right on the border of being TOO tall for football—he doesn't play high in his stance too often. His basketball background is evident, as he looks most comfortable getting downfield and blocking in space. Whenever he’s spoken to the media he’s expressed a willingness to take coaching, and there are definitely areas for improvement: he’ll need to have more active feet to run-block in the ACC. Swoboda is a development project but one worth gambling on.

Welcome to UVA, Ryan!