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#HoosOnBoard17: Matt Gahm, LB

Name: Matt Gahm
Position: LB
Hometown: Dallas, TX (Highland Park)
247 Composite: 3*, 83.28

Gahm anchored a Highland Park defense that led the Fighting Scots to their first state title since 2006. He picked up offers from Air Force and Army, as well as Richmond just down the road.

This is a patient, disciplined linebacker. He really shines in zone coverage, shifting quickly into pursuit when an opposing QB breaks the pocket. When he’s at the front side of a stretch run, Gahm does a good job setting the edge and letting help fill in behind him. He sets up pass rush moves well, and finishes strong at the ball carrier. He isn't an eye-popping athlete, but smarts and instincts have been the calling card of many a successful linebacker.

Welcome to UVA, Matt!