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#HoosOnBoard17: Mandy Alonso, DT

Name: Mandy Alonso
Position: DT
Hometown: Miami, FL (Gulliver Prep)
247 Composite: 3*, 82.56

Alonso was one of the more heavily recruited players in Virginia’s 2017 class. West Virginia, Louisville, and Georgia Tech all extended offers, as did about a dozen other schools in the American and Sun Belt conferences.

This is a violent man. Alonso penetrates quickly into the backfield and disrupts everything. He plays with solid leverage, but can be a bit inconsistent: when he’s got a clear size advantage, he sometimes resorts to just overwhelming any attempted blocks. He’ll have to adjust to being a two-gapping nose tackle, filling lanes instead of blowing them up. Size will also be a priority—275 is nice, but 300 would be nicer.

Welcome to UVA, Mandy!