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London Perrantes continues to improve his stats, almost across the board

There are some surprising areas of decline, like free throw shooting.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of his career at Virginia, senior London Perrantes has needed to shift his role from the freshman point guard on a veteran team to now the leading scorer on a young squad. Despite his playing time staying fairly consistent all four years, Perrantes has had to contribute in different ways throughout his career. The following chart tracks his areas of improvement over the years.

In four years, Perrantes has doubled the number of points and shots he averages a game. His FG% and rebounding numbers have increased and he has cut down on the fouls he commits. For the most part, this is exactly what you’d expect to see from someone who has risen to leadership on a team.

However, with more leadership and an increased scoring burden, some stats have suffered as shown below.

Perrantes’s three-point and free throw shooting percentages are down from last year. While it is understandable that his assists numbers would be down, since he is the leading scorer, it is surprising that his turnovers and steals numbers have generally declined as well.

On the one hand, Perrantes was previously playing with veteran leaders like Brogdon and Harris -- players who could help create space for Perrantes on offense, or create traffic on defense — as compared to a freshman-laden team this year that may not be able to support Perrantes as well. However, free throw percentage should not matter who is on the team.

Perrantes could become UVA’s winningest player of all time, a spot currently held by Malcolm Brogdon, with 110 wins.

Ralph Sampson and Mike Tobey check in with 109, Craig Robinson with 107, and Evan Nolte with 106. London has 103, with seven games left in the regular season, plus ACC and NCAA tournament play to come.

With the younger members of the team now having gained valuable experience, and with plenty of intense ACC play already under their belt, fans should expect that Perrantes’s numbers should continue to improve as UVA heads towards the end of the regular season.