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2017 ACC Tournament Bracket Update following Virginia and Virginia Tech’s wins

You’d think a big win over North Carolina would help Virginia’s immediate cause. You’d be wrong.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia had a big win over No. 5 North Carolina Monday night, while Virginia Tech got one over No. 25 Miami. Following Sunday night’s games, the Hoos were set up for the #7 seed in the upcoming ACC Tournament, but now that the Hoos are in a three-way tie with Miami and Virginia Tech for sixth place, the Hoos fall on the wrong end of the tiebreak, and drop down to the No. 8 seed.

Here’s what the bracket looks like following Monday night’s two games.

Updated following games of February 27

The bracket largely looks the same at both the top and the bottom — North Carolina, Florida State, Notre Dame and Louisville still have the double-byes that come with being a top-four seed in the conference. Duke stands alone in fifth place.

Virginia Tech went 2-2 against Miami and Virginia, splitting both series. Miami went 2-1, beating both UVA and Virginia Tech once, but also losing to Virginia Tech last night. Virginia unfortunately only went 1-2, losing to Miami but splitting the series with the Hokies. That gives Miami the best winning percentage (.667) and the No. 6 seed. The Hokies (.500) get the No. 7 seed, while Virginia brings up the rear in the group with the No. 9 seed.

That means that, if the season ended today, Virginia would face Syracuse in the 8/9 matchup for the right to play top-seeded North Carolina again, a game that Virginia fans certainly at least feel better about following last night’s win.

The bottom third of the conference remains unchanged.

Tonight, Duke and Florida State face off. A Duke loss would create a four-way tie for the No. 5 seed between UVA, VT, Miami and Duke. Pitt and Georgia Tech also play each other in a game that’s largely meaningless for Pitt, but that could have NCAA Tournament implications for the Yellow Jackets, who sit with a 16-13, 7-9 ACC record.