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Here’s Your ACC Basketball Daily Rooting Guide for February 28

As between FSU and Duke, or Pitt and GT, here’s who you need to cheer for tonight.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this afternoon, we updated you on the ACC Tournament bracket and standings, if the season ended this morning. The season did not end this morning, which means that there are games that you, Virginia Cavaliers fans, will be watching in hopes of improving UVa’s current #8 seed.

In fact, there are a lot of ACC games between now and Saturday, many of which will have an effect on Virginia’s seed. We’ll be posting daily rooting guides so that you can join the collective mindset, because with our forces combined, anything is possible.

As of Tuesday, February 28, the Hoos can get anywhere from a 4-seed to the 9-seed. The #4 seed gives the Hoos a double-bye, but places them in the upper half of the bracket along with North Carolina. Where Virginia wants to land as between 5-9 can be subjective, depending on where everyone else in the league lands, which means you’ll have to take these rooting guides with a grain of salt based on your own thoughts.

There are two ACC games tonight, but really only one of them has any impact.

Florida State Seminoles (11-5) vs. Duke Blue Devils (10-6)

7:00 p.m. | ESPN | Durham, N.C.
Cheer for: Florida State

Either team could win, and UVa could still manage to come away with the 4-seed in the ACC Tournament. If Duke wins, Virginia’s path to the 4 seed does become a little bit more difficult as the Blue Devils move a full game ahead of the Hoos. If FSU wins, the door for UVa to be the 4-seed, dropping Notre Dame to the 5-seed, would still be open (it takes a lot of help from a really bad team from New England, but it could happen). Nobody really wants to cheer for Duke anyway, so let's go ahead and hope the Noles can go into Cameron and knock off the Blue Devils.

Also, for purposes greater than the ACC Tournament, Virginia fans should hope for an 0-2 finish from the Blue Devils and an early exit in next week's tournament. UVa's win over UNC surely gave the Cavaliers a bump in possible seeding for the NCAA Tournament, and if UVa can beat Pitt on Saturday and win a few next week in Brooklyn, they could jump the Blue Devils in the NCAA seeding and get slotted for the Greenville regional as a 3 or 4 seed.

Pittsburgh Panthers (4-12) vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (7-9)

9:00 p.m. | ESPNU | Atlanta, Ga.
Cheer for: Pitt

This game literally has no meaning whatsoever for UVa's seeding in the ACC Tournament. However, that loss that nobody seems to want to admit was terrible, could look a lot better with every Pitt win. Also, nobody wants to play a team coming off a loss, so let's go ahead and cheer for the Panthers to get winning out of their system tonight against the Yellow Jackets.