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Kicking off the 2017 Virginia Lacrosse Season!

The new season kicks off on Saturday...get all the info you need to be ready for 2017.

Towson v Virginia
Hoos ready for lax?
Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images

It’s finally here. The 2017 lacrosse season is upon us, and this one is especially important for the Cavaliers as they welcome a new head coach to Charlottesville for the first time in almost a quarter century.

This week, a team of us writers here at Streaking the Lawn will provide you with all the information you need to get ready for the upcoming season of Virginia Lacrosse. Here is what you can look forward to this week:

  • An in-depth look at each unit (offense, midfield, and defense), including impact players for the Hoos at each position
  • A primer on new head coach Lars Tiffany
  • Recap of last season for the Hoos
  • A Q&A with Inside Lacrosse’s Dan Aburn on what to expect from the Hoos this season
  • Analysis and break-down of Virginia’s full schedule
  • A deep-dive into Tiffany’s new-look schemes
  • A look at the #14 Virginia Women’s Lacrosse team and schedule

Stay with us as we provide you new information every day, culminating in a game preview for Virginia’s game at #5 Loyola on Saturday (the first NCAA lacrosse game to be streamed on Twitter!). Get excited, and GO HOOS!