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March Madness 2017: Register for STL’s Bracket Challenge

Win the pool, win some koozies.

It’s time! Register for the STL Bracket Challenge Contest and show that you’re the smartest of the smart when it comes to the 2017 NCAA Tournament. There’s no one way to fill out your brackets, so whether that’s having your dog pick, throwing darts (please be careful), picking mascots, or simply picking all the higher seeds, get in on the action and compete against your fellow STL Streakers!

When all is said and done, the top few entries will receive a pair of Keep Calm and Streak the Lawn koozies, although all entries will be subject to the official rules.

Register sooner rather than later — that Thursday deadline just creeps up on you, and let’s be honest, no amount of research at this point is going to get you to the perfect bracket by Thursday.

Sign up for the STL Bracket Challenge Contest today!