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Final Updated ACC Tournament Bracket Before Saturday’s Showdown

All but one ACC team will be playing in their season finales on Saturday to finalize their seeds.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Coming in a little later than ideal this afternoon, but Virginia fans rejoiced a bit last night after Wake Forest upset Louisville, which keeps Virginia’s No. 4-seed alive in the ACC Tournament. Here’s what the bracket looks like, were the ACC Tournament to happen right this very second.

Includes games as of March 1

Notre Dame remains a game behind North Carolina. With last night’s loss, Louisville drops into a three-way tie with Florida State and Duke. The Cardinals have a 1-1 record among the block, but Florida State holds a 2-1 record while Duke went just 1-2 against the other two. This gives Florida State the 3-seed, Louisville the 4, and Duke the 5.

No change in Virginia Tech, Miami or UVA -- Miami continues to win the tiebreak, followed by VT and UVA.

That still leaves Virginia and Syracuse in the 8/9 matchup, something the Hoos will have a hard time avoiding if they don’t beat Pitt this Saturday.

There are no more ACC games until Saturday, when every team except NC State will be on display with their season finales. NC State finished the season 4-14 in conference.