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Fill out your 2017 NCAA Tournament Brackets and be king of the world

Prove that you’re better than we are.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

All year long, the “journalists” on this fine website claim to be the experts of, well this is the internet, so we pretty much purport to be the experts of everything. But you want in on a little secret?

We’re not. Half of us are jokers. The other half wish we were jokers. In any event, March is the one time of year where you get to prove — definitively — that you’re smarter and better-looking than we are, and we want you to do it.

Join the STL Bracket Challenge and pick the best NCAA Tournament bracket, and if you win, you’ll win not only bragging rights for an entire year (approximate retail value: $8,157), but you’ll also win a couple Keep Calm and Streak the Lawn coozies! Seriously, we have a lot of them.

Here’s how you sign up.

And here are the very important legal rules. All entrants are subject to the official rules.

Sign up today. You’ll have until next week, but let’s be honest, you’re going to forget. So go ahead and sign up now so that the Yahoo! machine sends you reminders. And then be prepared to be wowed at the STL Staff’s dominance of this.