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Virginia Cavaliers’ Jack Salt Desperately Tries to Avoid Intentional Foul, Sinks Both

The big man gets the last laugh.

Heading into Wednesday night’s ACC Tournament contest against Pitt, Virginia CavaliersJack Salt was shooting only 48.7% from the free throw line. That’s bad — really bad.

So naturally, when it came time for Pitt to foul to try to extend the game and climb their way back in, Salt was an easy target for the Panthers to send to the line.

Pitt knew this. Virginia knew this. Even Jack Salt himself knew this. That’s why it’s hilarious that, despite his best efforts to avoid being intentionally fouled — Salt ran into the back court where literally no one was present — Pitt managed to wrap their arms around poor Jack Salt, sending him to the line for the first time of the night.

But Salt got the last laugh of the night as he miraculously sank both free throws with ease. Watch the 6’11” sophomore handle the pressure below, improving his overall free throw percentage now to 51.2%.