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ACC Tournament Cheering Guide: The Quarterfinals

Confused who to root for? We’re here to help.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Miami
Pull for Coach Larranaga and the Hurricanes against UNC.
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Once again, the Hoos aren’t up until “9pm”, but the other games are beginning to gain more importance in both potential ACC tournament matchups going forward as well as for NCAA tournament seeding purposes.

Game 8: #1 UNC vs #9 Miami

Hoo to root for: Miami

Why: We want to get UNC out of this tournament. As mentioned yesterday, there is an argument to be made that UNC advancing helps them secure a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, which is good for the ACC, but overall, we want the Hoos win the ACC tourney and that is best served by knocking UNC out.

Game 9: #4 Louisville vs #5 Duke

Hoo to root for: Louisville

Why: The Hoos have dominated Louisville, whereas they’ve struggled with Duke. Duke’s season has been so up and down, and an early loss in the ACC tournament would fit right in with that. A Duke loss may also help the Hoos secure a four seed in the NCAA tournament and a spot in the Greenville regional.

Game 10: #2 Florida State vs #7 Virginia Tech

Hoo to root for: FSU
Why: This game determines who the Hoos would potentially face in the semifinals. We’re torn on this, but we’re rooting for the Noles because we don’t like facing the Hokies. The Hokies have been shooting lights out (7th in the country in three point shooting), and that is a problem for the Hoos these days. The Noles don’t shoot the ball well and needed a buzzer-beater (not to mention an other-worldly performance) by Dwayne Bacon to upset the Hoos earlier this season. Also, we don’t like rooting for the Hokies.

Game 7: #3 Notre Dame vs #6 Virginia

Hoo to root for: Virginia

Why: Because Hoos.

There’s your cheering guide for Day 3 of the ACC Tournament. Check back tomorrow for the semifinals!