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ACC Announces Future UVA and Notre Dame Football Matchups

Notre Dame v Virginia Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The ACC announced this morning the future schedules of ACC teams against “conference foe” Notre Dame.

Because Notre Dame was good at football in the 1930s, and they have been on NBC every Saturday since, the ACC allowed the Fighting Irish to join the conference in every sport but football, but forced the Irish to play 5 ACC teams a year.

Virginia fans already knew the Cavaliers would be making a trip to South Bend in 2019, Notre Dame would come to Charlottesville again in 2021, and the final previously announced matchup for a game at Notre Dame in 2024.

This morning, the ACC gave the Cavaliers and Fighting Irish four more matchups to look forward to:

That’s right. We now know that in 2035, when half of us will be using walkers, and who knows what football will even look like, the two teams will play on the gridiron.

Most will also remember the previous time the two programs squared off. In 2015, it looked like the Cavaliers would upset a highly touted Irish team in Charlottesville, but we all know how it turned out.....

Notre Dame v Virginia Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Will Notre Dame be good then? Will Virginia be good then? Who knows, but we know Notre Dame went 4-8 in 2016. Never forget that.