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ACC Announces Schedule for This Week’s ACC Baseball Tournament

Virginia Media Relations

After finalizing the seeding for this week’s ACC Tournament yesterday, the ACC announced this morning when all the teams would be playing.

Yesterday, Louisville ultimately had to cancel their regular season finale after bad weather in the area which assured them the No. 1 seed and Notre Dame the No. 12 seed.

With the tournament set to begin on Tuesday and three games each day through Friday, the ACC announced on Saturday the Cavaliers would play No. 5 Clemson on Friday at 11 and No. 9 Duke on Thursday at 11.

The ACC is trying out a new tournament format this year in an attempt to get as many teams as many games as possible in hopes of boosting NCAA tournament resumes. The twelve teams are in 4 pods. Each team will play the other two teams in their pod and the winner of each pod will advance to the 4 team single elimination portion on Saturday. The two teams that win the semifinals on Saturday will square off for the Championship on Sunday.