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You know it, I know it, now the internet confirms it: UVA is the true school of Virginia

Enjoy our numerical and aesthetic superiority


It’s the college sports dead season. The College World Series is wrapping up. We’re more than 60 days from the nominal start of college football season. Which means it’s time for the internet’s favorite thing: stupid rivalry clickbait.

Reddit has taken this as its one true calling. Over the past week, r/CFB has been rolling out “analysis” of FBS programs in each state. First there was a map of the closest D1 stadium to each county in the U.S. This week, user Clemsinfonian has calculated the average color palette of FBS teams in each state.

And Virginia? Well, it couldn’t be much more beautiful.


None of that god-awful burnt maroon nonsense. No sir. Just a civilized, genteel palette of orange and blue for the Commonwealth. As God and Man intended.

So there you have it, Virginia fans. Mathematical proof of UVA’s superiority over the clod-stompers down 81. (Statement valid probably only through 11/24/17.)