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Virginia Football’s Chuck Davis wins the Lottery!

This is the biggest win in recent Virginia Football history.

Virginia Lottery

Virginia cornerback Chuck Davis left early morning practice, he swung by to pick up coffee for his mama and play the lottery using his grandma’s numbers. Days later, he checked the website and walked away a $100,000 winner.

“I looked at the numbers on the website after the drawing and said, ‘I… won!’” he told the Virginia Lottery .

He and his grandmother checked the numbers and shouted together in jubilation.

According to the Virginia Lottery, he bought the winning ticket at a 7-Eleven in Ashburn for the June 25 day drawing. The winning numbers for that drawing were 1-3-4-7-9.

God first last and always

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Davis is a redshirt freshman cornerback from Fairfax, Va who is $100,000 richer today than he was a week ago. He participated in Nebraska’s spring practice in 2016 before transferring to Virginia and sitting out last year.

Congratulations, Chuck!