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Virginia Cavaliers football star Andrew Brown seemingly criticizes Mike London, Jon Tenuta

Subtweet becomes latest salvo in Brown’s airing of grievances

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Brown has not exactly been tight-lipped about his frustration with the former Virginia Cavaliers football staff led by now-Howard Bison coach Mike London.

Back in October, Brown let loose about his rocky relationship with former defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta:

“He gave me a lot of problems,” Brown said Tuesday on a conference call, “but, it’s all good because he’s not here anymore.”

He described Tenuta and new defensive line coach Ruffin McNeill as “two complete opposites,” although Jappy Oliver actually coached the D-line in 2015.

“The thing is, Coach Ruff knows how to build you up after he breaks you down,” Brown said. “He’s honest with you. No ill intentions or anything.

“I’m still trying to figure out what the hell I did for [Tenuta] not to like me so much. I have no idea. I wish I could answer that question for you but I cannot.”

This morning, Brown showed that he hasn’t exactly moved on from those bad feelings, in a not-so-subtle message on Twitter.

The Wintrich tweet Brown RT’d?

Pretty much all the best players—in any sport—find something that keeps a chip on their shoulder. The Warriors’ Draymond Green famously recited every player drafted before him in the 2012 NBA Draft in an Arya Stark-like montage.

Hopefully Brown can use this as fire in his belly, and not as a distraction, to lead the UVA defense in 2017.