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UVA hoops members execute perfect trickshot

This won't work on the court, but it's impressive nonetheless.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Virginia Cavaliers
Hall et al put together impressive shot.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Summer is a time to sit back, relax, and hit the pool with your buddies. If you're the Virginia basketball team, summer is also a time to pull off unreal trickshots.

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Nigel Johnson, a transfer from Rutgers, appears to have shot the footage and started off the trick. The first pass goes to Isaiah Wilkins (always good to see him looking healthy), who launches it to Dre Hunter, who granny passes over his shoulder to either Ty Jerome or Kyle Guy (I CAN'T TELL SINCE THE BUN IS GONE), who hits either Ty Jerome or Kyle Guy, who passes to Jack Salt, who impressively goes through the legs to Devon Hall for the finishing dunk.

I don't expect Tony to draw up anything this fancy for the upcoming season (and I'm sure he's just happy no one got hurt).

With just 75 days left until the basketball season returns in all its glory, enjoy these gems (and those from summer practice).