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Coach Bennett Shares Message to UVa and Charlottesville Community

Syracuse v Virginia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In light of the recent events, the Virginia sporting staff has shown a commitment to solidarity. The football team opened up the entire team to the media to allow the student athletes and staff to share their thoughts. The football team also sent a strong message with their team pic in front of the Rotunda. The coaches from nearly all of the sports at UVa also came together.

The commitment did not stop there however. Coach Bennett filmed a special message to the community, and the official Virginia Basketball account tweeted it out last night.

Since his arrival in Charlottesville, Coach Bennett has pressed on his team and the University his “5 Pillars.”

Humility, Passion, Unity, Servanthood & Thankfulness

In trying times like these, it is quite a thing to know, the leaders of our University and the coaches of the teams we love have such high quality and character.