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Charlottesville, UVA communities come together for moving candlelight vigil on The Lawn

Enjoy a much nicer view than what you saw last weekend

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Memorial Held In Charlottesville For Heather Heyer, Victim Of Car Ramming Incident During Protest After White Supremacists' Rally Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It’s been a trying week in Charlottesville. But thanks to a candlelight vigil—featuring an estimated five thousand attendees—CNN and other news channels finally were filled with images of the Grounds most of us remember so fondly.

I’m going to let the sights and sounds do the work here. When you’re done wiping those totally dust-induced tears away, pick up one of STL’s CHARLOTTESVILLE shirts to support local organizations that are helping C-Ville recover.

(See Coach Hagans in the photos above)