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Virginia football recruiting target Ronnie Walker will announce commitment decision on Monday

Hopewell running back has Hoos in final three

Student Sports

If you’ve been tuned in to Virginia Cavaliers football recruiting for the class of 2018, there are a few things you’ve probably realized.

  1. There aren’t very many players from Virginia currently committed—only two as of August 22nd.
  2. Ronnie Walker is one of the coaching staff’s biggest targets.

Next week could see big news on both of those fronts, as Walker announced he’s set to pick his destination for college ball.

Virginia making the final three here is good news. Walker practically lived on Grounds in 2016, but did not include U.Va. in his summer visit plans.

Those visits came shortly on the heels of the KKK rally in July, leading to some speculation Walker may have soured on the Hoos due to concerns with Charlottesville. The violence on August 12th heightened those worries. But perhaps the response of the football program—both coaches and by student leaders—has given Walker a fuller picture of the group he would join if he became a Cavalier.

The tea leaves could be read either way here. On the one hand, Walker has most recently visited both of the other schools in his top three and setting a pre-season announcement date may indicate he’s been recently swayed. But on the other, Walker visited his other finalists more than a month ago. If something he saw in East Lansing or in Bloomington made his decision, one might think he would have announced more quickly after the visits.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll have the news here on Streaking the Lawn come Monday.