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Ranked: Virginia baseball alumni Players Weekend nicknames and jerseys

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Who has the best nickname and jersey combo for Players Weekend?

MLB: San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend, Major League Baseball is doing “Players Weekend”, something the league says is a, “...celebration of color, character and creativity”. To break it down, they want to bring some fun and entertainment back to baseball by wearing brighter colors, using fun bats, and plastering nicknames on the back of jerseys. The jerseys also have a bit of a little league throwback vibe to them and they’ll all have tribute patches on the sleeve where players can write in who they’re thankful for.

Players were allowed to choose their nicknames, and some are pretty great.

Currently, six former Wahoos play in the MLB and will be participating in the Players Weekend festivities: Mark Reynolds (Colorado), Ryan Zimmerman (Washington), Sean Doolittle (Washington), Chris Taylor (Los Angeles), Jarrett Parker (San Francisco), and Brandon Guyer (Cleveland). Who has the best jersey/nickname combo?!

Criteria used included:

  1. Creativity of nickname
  2. Decision making behind the nickname
  3. Overall look of jersey

Let’s get to it.

6. Jarrett “Park” Parker, San Francisco

First of all, I’m just not a big fan of the gray/gaudy Tennessee-esque orange combo here. On top of that...Park is just a little of a nickname cop-out. In defense of Jarrett’s boring nickname, he spent all his time coming up with teammate Hunter Pence’s nickname - WAWINDAJI - which is Swahili for “lion hunter”.

"I didn't get much time to think about mine,” Parker said. Mhmmmmm.

Giants play at the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight, 9:40pm ET.

5. Brandon “BG” Guyer, Cleveland

The only thing keeping BG out of sixth is that I find the Indians color-combo much more appealing. The nickname - his initials - is apparently something his teammates “have long called him”. Frankly, he’s lucky I didn’t kick him out of my rankings all together...

Indians host the Kansas City Royals tonight, 7:10pm ET.

4. Ryan “Zim” Zimmerman, Washington

Another case of a bit of a boring nickname, though it’s a natural fit for Zimmerman. I’d probably call him Zim, too. I just like a couple of the others better.

Nationals host the New York Mets tonight, 7:05pm ET.

3. Chris “CT3” Taylor, Los Angeles

Not going to lie...I absolutely LOVE the look of this jersey. The ‘initials + number’ nickname lacks a lot of creativity, but that jersey is straight FIRE.

Dodgers host the Brewers tonight, 10:10pm ET.

2. Mark “Sheriff” Reynolds, Colorado

I could take or leave the gray/purple combo really, but I’m a fan of “Sheriff” for Reynolds. For one, it just sounds badass. The nickname came from announcer Mark Grace who said the age ole classic, “There’s a new Sheriff in town” during a broadcast in the middle of Mark’s solid hitting streak when he was with the D-Backs. The best part, however, is that when Reynolds went to Baltimore, his full title was expanded to the Sheriff of Swattingham, which is by far the best thing I’ve heard today.

The Rockies head to the Atlanta Braves tonight, 7:35pm ET.

1. Sean “Dooooooooo” Doolittle, Washington

YESSSSSSSS, DOO. I absolutely love this. Per the Doolittle quote included in the tweet above, he “...told them to put ‘Doo’ with as many O’s as they could fit on the jersey. I envisioned it, like, wrapping around.”

Sean Doolittle is the best.

Doolittle is also 12 for 12 in saves since joining the Nationals. Not. Too. Shabby.

Nationals host the New York Mets tonight, 7:05pm ET.

Whose jersey/nickname is your favorite? Leave a comment below!