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Virginia Basketball posts updated player heights and weights with official 2017-18 roster

Several players packed on the pounds and a couple...shrank?

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Virginia v Florida Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Virginia Basketball team has been the center of a couple news items today. First, CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein reported that the Hoos are expected to be one of eight teams playing in the 2018 Battle 4 Atlantis preseason tournament in the Bahamas. Now, the official Twitter of Virginia Basketball shared they had updated their official roster for the 2017-18 season.

Using last year’s roster, let’s do some comparing.

Marco Anthony

Last year: 6-6, 220 (his high school stats)

This year: 6-4, 228

Takeaways: Marco Anthony is a solidly built dude. Think of it this way...Malcolm Brogdon is listed at 6-5, 215, sooooooo. I, for one, can’t wait to see what Mike Curtis can do with this frame.

Francesco Baddochi

Last year: 6-7, 195 (his high school stats)

This year: 6-7, 185

Takeaways: “Frankie” had knee surgery, so not entirely surprising he lost weight, however, some of that could be not being able to work out, paired with the more focused training of Mike Curtis.

Justice Bartley

Last year: 6-5, 212

This year: 6-5, 212

Takeaways: Samesies.

Mamadi Diakite

Last year: 6-9, 214

This year: 6-9, 228

Takeaways: Diakite putting 14 pounds on that slim frame is a plus. I’d love to see him bulk up more, but you don’t want him to lose any of that springiness.

Trevon Gross, Jr.

Last year: 6-3, 206

This year: 6-3, 202

Takeaways: Close to samesies.

Kyle Guy

Last year: 6-3, 165

This year: 6-2, 175

Takeaways: Kyle. Was that height in the bun? New hair, who dis? Apparently KG’s extra ten pounds have caused him to shrink a bit, but that’s ok because have you seen that shot?

Devon Hall

Last year: 6-5, 207

This year: 6-5, 211

Takeaways: Devon Hall has always been strong and very aware of his size and abilities. I still maintain this is the year of Devon Hall. He’s put his time in, he’s mature, and he’s really darn good at basketball. He’s been the ultimate team player in his time at Virginia, playing whatever role Tony Bennett has asked of him (redshirt, guard, forward). I think he’s going to be very, very good.

Jay Huff

Last year: 6-11, 215

This year: 7-1, 230

Takeaways: WE GOT OURSELVES A SEVEN FOOTER. I don’t know if Jay just stood up straighter this year, but he’s picked up two inches and packed on an impressive 15 pounds in the off season. He’s coming off of a redshirt first year, and expectations are very high for the Durham forward.

De’Andre Hunter

Last year: 6-7, 212

This year: 6-7, 222

Takeaways: Dre is maybe the player I am most excited to see take the court for the Hoos this season. The red-shirt first year oozes potential and has a pretty, pretty shot. Much like Anthony, possesses a similar frame to Malcolm Brogdon, but with two more inches.

Watch this and try not to get hype.

Ty Jerome

Last year: 6-5, 192

This year: 6-5, 200

Takeaways: Two hundo! Everyone (including myself) forgets just how tall Ty Jerome is, but now he’s starting to add a little more bulk and tone to the frame. With Virginia’s issues getting into the paint last season, I’d like to see Ty (and Marco Anthony, for that matter) take more control in the lane and drive to the hoop. Create that contact! Get that foul called (in your favor)! Make both free throws!

Nigel Johnson

Last year: 6-1, 186

This year: 6-1, 182

Takeaways: Johnson, the newest official Hoo, transferred into Virginia from Charlottesville. He’s the shortest guy on the team, but he’s expected to be a big contributor for Virginia in the backcourt after the loss of London Perrantes (graduation, joining the San Antonio Spurs), Marial Shayok (transfer), and Darius Thompson (transfer).

Austin Katstra

Last year: 6-6, 210 (his high school stats)

This year: 6-6, 214

Takeaways: Close to samesies.

Jack Salt

Last year: 6-11, 247

This year: 6-10, 250

Takeaways: Another one who decreased in height. Jack Salt is going to be the same ole defensive stalwart/expert screen setter for the Hoos. I’m just hoping some more offensive skill has been added in the off season (and that the super-rebounder from the NCAA tournament returns).

Isaiah Wilkins

Last year: 6-7, 225

This year: 6-7, 227

Takeaways: Not much fluctuation, but the biggest excitement/takeaway is that Zay is back up to his pre-freak illness weight (plus some). By the end of last season he was down 15-20 pounds, according to Coach Soderberg. A healthy Isaiah Wilkins means the Virginia defense will be more intimidating (and therefore hopefully more successful).

Virginia’s full season schedule should be released next week, so stay with Streaking the Lawn for updates!