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Executive assistant athletic director Jon Oliver leaving Virginia athletics department

Executive Assistant AD Jon Oliver
UVA Media Relations

The University of Virginia athletics department announced today that executive assistant athletic director Jon Oliver will be leaving the University.

"Over the past 15 and a half years I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of coaches and staff in an environment that put academics and the holistic development of student-athletes first," Oliver said. "I am incredibly grateful to Craig Littlepage for the opportunity to work at the University of Virginia. I believe in the mission of the athletics department and I believe it is positioned for success in the future.

"There are a number of interesting challenges and opportunities at UVA moving forward, but after careful consideration and discussions with my family, it is time to pursue another passion of mine and that is working with future leaders in sports to help them pursue their dreams through personal and professional development. I will always cheer for the University of Virginia and look forward to watching the ongoing chase for Uncompromised Excellence."

According to the release, Oliver’s last day will be Friday, September 15th.

Oliver primarily oversaw football and basketball, and was the project lead for facilities improvements including John Paul Jones Arena and the George Welsh Indoor Practice Facility.

The announcement did not indicate what Oliver’s next position would be, other than the vague description provided by Oliver himself.