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Virginia Tech’s new basketball court is so bad they had to delete the picture.

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TOO HOT FOR THE INTERNET, but not for STL to post!

This picture of the unfinished floor was too hot for Twitter
Twitter: @TTTHokie

Cassell Coliseum, home of Virginia Tech basketball, is undergoing some renovations this summer. When the first set of pictures were released on Twitter from @vthokie, webmaster for, there was some mixed, but mostly positive, reactions, as the court featured a silhouette of the facade of Burress Hall.

I’m not usually a big fan of the cluttered court look, but when this came out, I thought it was classy. Nothing too flashy, like Oregon’s ridiculously ugly Matthew Knight Arena floor, but in fact, kind of nice. (Internet trolls, go elsewhere; I’ve already been chastised on the Twitters.)

But days later, @TTTHokie, whose Twitter profile says he works for the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, tweeted out this picture showing the basketball court in all of its lego glory:

We had to include a screenshot instead of the tweet itself, because the picture appears to have drawn so much rage and ridicule that it needed to be taken down.

We have questions. We have so many questions. Luckily, we didn’t have to articulate any of them, because Twitter, led by Super Bowl Champion and former Cavalier Chris Long, kicked it off for us.

He was joined by former Hoo George Adeosun.

And then on came the commentariat.

Even non-Hoos got in on the action.

Alright. We all know what the intent is there. The Hokie Stone. We get it. It looks super cool. Like, super.

And if you look closely, you’ll see that the picture is most likely (hopefully, for their sake), of a half-completed sideline and baseline, considering you still see blue painter’s tape to mark the lines that will likely be painted in.

The tweet and picture were deleted not long after it was originally posted -- maybe Virginia Tech asked him to delete it, or maybe he just got tired of the constant ridicule, we can only conjecture. Either way, the most amusing part was watching the Virginia Tech faithful attempt to defend what’s objectively an abomination for all eyeballs to see.

My favorite exchange was this one.