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WATCH: Andre Levrone’s 64-yard touchdown reception vs Boise State

Can we get this on repeat forever?

NCAA Football: Virginia at Boise State
Levrone had a career day against Boise State.
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It still hasn’t really set in that Virginia football went on a 2,400 mile road trip across the country, to a play a school favored by two touchdowns that rarely loses at home, and absolutely DOMINATED for a 42-23 win. The loss was Boise State’s seventh in the last 17 years, and the first home loss by double digits since 2001. TWO THOUSAND AND ONE.

The biggest play of the game - arguably the season - came with 13:40 left in the third quarter as Kurt “Heisman” Benkert found Andre Levrone for a 64-yard DIME.

Levrone finished with five catches for 141 yards and two highlight reel touchdowns - all career highs.

This is all of us today: