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Virginia’s Juan Thornhill comes up with a beautiful interception

In an otherwise disappointing afternoon, Juan Thornhill was anything but.

Juan Thornhill
ACC Digital Network

A lot of things went wrong for the Virginia Cavaliers in Saturday’s 34-17 loss to the Indiana Hoosiers. From special teams to a deflated offense, just about the only silver lining was just how much trouble the Hoos’ defense caused for Indiana quarterback Richard Lagow and the rest of the Hoosiers’ offense.

With the game scoreless and neither team’s offense gaining any traction after a quarter, Juan Thornhill tried to spark some fire with a diving interception, a play worth watching just a few more times to really appreciate.

Thornhill, who played at cornerback in the 2016 season, was moved to strong safety in 2017. However, after cornerback Tim Harris was lost to a wrist injury after the William & Mary game, Thornhill was moved back to the cornerback position on Saturday against Indiana.

He showed no signs of rust as he moved back to this more natural position. Watch the video (a couple times) to enjoy one of the few highlights of Saturday’s game.