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Craig Littlepage reflects on his time as Athletic Director and what he won’t miss from UVA

The former Athletic Director speaks fondly of his coaches and senior staff.

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images

It’s been a month and a half since Craig Littlepage retired from serving as the Director of Athletics for the Virginia Cavaliers. Since then, he’s been in the role of Special Advisor to the President, where he, among other things, has sat as a member of the Executive Search Group & Strategic Resourcing for the University. In that capacity, he’s been focused not only on bringing the top talent faculty and administrators to Grounds, but ensuring that they feel connected to the University to promote greater retention.

Littlepage recently spoke to the Sports Business Journal. When asked about what he’ll miss most about serving as the AD, he spoke highly of the relationships he built with his coaches, not just professionally, but personally. Having been a member of Virginia’s athletics administration since 1990, Littlepage has been there for the hire of every current head coach.

What won’t he miss from his time as AD? It’s all the free advice.

“As I’ve described it many times, Mondays, particularly after a home football game, the email inbox would be filled about free advice in terms of parking, traffic, transportation, band, concessions, recruiting, offense, defense, who the assistant coach is, how the field is lined, the PA system needs to be fixed...”

But he credits that free advice to the passion that Virginia fans have for the school and program. Listen to the short, 7:43 podcast below for the full excerpt, including what he views to be the greatest challenge facing athletic directors today.