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WATCH: Highlights of UVA’s win over Miami and Delaney breaks the rock

Gonna keep these bad boys on repeat for a little bit.

Miami v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Nobody is close to sleeping after Virginia picked up a big Coastal Division win over No. 16 Miami, so here are some highlights for you to enjoy:

After celebrating on the field with teammates and students, the Hoos retreated to the locker room where kicker Brian Delaney was chosen to ceremoniously “break the rock” for his stellar performance in the win.

Delaney earned the reward, going 3-for-3 (well, really 4-for-4) on field goals and making the difference on the Virginia offense. His field goal from 46 yards out to end the first half gave the Hoos a 13-6 lead, and was the first 40-plus-yard field goal made by Virginia since 2015.

Lester Coleman celebrating in the background and supporting his kicking brethren is just top notch.

Juan Thornhill would have been a worthy candidate with two interceptions, but Delaney’s clutchness in the kicking answers a long-standing question with the Cavaliers.