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Watch all the fun UVA Athletics cameos in President Jim Ryan’s fun holiday video

Watch Tony Bennett, Tina Thompson, Bryce Perkins, Kyle Guy, and more!

Screenshot from President Jim Ryan’s holiday video
University of Virginia

The holiday season is upon us, and University of Virginia president Jim Ryan needed a little help from some Wahoos to get fully in the spirit.

In a video shared on social media on Thursday, President Ryan was situating his office with some holiday cheer. When he took out a festive empty frame, he realized he needed a picture for it. President Ryan sent out the call for some of the UVA community to join him at the Rotunda, and boy did they respond.

Give it a watch:

The video is chock-full of Virginia celebrities:

Athletic Director Carla Williams
Men’s Basketball CoachTony Bennett
Women’s Basketball Coach Tina Thompson
Men’s Basketball players Kyle Guy and Braxton Key
Football’s Bryce Perkins
The Hullabahoos
Wayne Cozart

There are a lot of great moments, but here some stand out more than others.

Cavman’s Shopping List

Obviously being big and important, Cavman has some intense holiday shopping to do. Candles are clearly the gift of choice, but Larry Sabato gets the gift of new socks. AD Williams, Coach Mendenhall, Katie Couric, and Coach Bennett are all set to get a present from Cavman:

Cavman’s shopping list also includes Miss Kathy (who is also getting a candle), who is arguably the most important celebrity on there.

Cavman Shoplifting a Cart Full of Presents

I’m going to assume he has a running tab, but this isn’t a good look:

Name a more iconic trio. I’ll wait.

Shortly after this, Tony Bennett rips off a great whistle to call the trio’s mopeds to the scene. I’m guessing he can actually whistle like that.

Bryce Perkins on a Moped


Tony Bennett on a Moped

Turns out, if you put anyone on a moped, I’m going to love it.

My New Favorite Meme

What was your favorite part? Leave a comment below!