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Virginia student nails ESPN College Gameday half court shot

For the third straight time, the Hoos get it done

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Cavaliers are starting to gain a reputation for their half court shotmaking ability...but we’re not talking about the basketball team. We’re talking about the University of Virginia students who have taken the half court shot on ESPN’s College Gameday. For the third straight time, a UVA student will be walking home with $18,000. Watch for yourself:

Here it is from a different angle:

Gameday has come to Charlottesville three times now, and all three times the Virginia fan has sunk the three point shot for a cool $18 grand. Tyler Lewis did it in 2015 (we interviewed him). Andrew Board did it in 2016. And now, your 2018 winner is first year student Angus Binnie.

Here’s your post game interview!

To be fair though, Jay Williams warmed up the basket for him. Williams challenged Virginia alumnus and two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long to a half court shot, saying Williams would give Long $100,000 if he made it.

“This is how you become a meme, and it’s not happening!,” Long exclaimed before begrudgingly taking—and missing—the shot. Then Williams showed him how it’s done.

This is the first successful half court tuition shot of the season for ESPN’s College Gameday, having gone 11 straight whiffs until the Hoos set em right.