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Chris Long Might Have Ended a VT Fan’s Online Existence....or his life

This poor child needs to get in touch with the witness protection program

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

They say if you come at the King, you better not miss.

After winning the Super Bowl with the Eagles on Sunday, wearing a faux-fur over a 76ers jersey on Thursday, and making a grand appearance at College Gameday on Saturday, you might say former Cavalier Chris Long is living his best life.

Well, one poor Hokie fan decided to shoot his shot.

He missed.

And Chris Long ended him.

It’s basketball season, why would anyone talk about basketball? Particularly if you are a Virginia Tech fan. I guess it is always football season in the Blacksburg area.

After Long one-shotted the kid, Mr. Eric Thomas couldn’t handle it.

Poor Thomas has essentially ended his online presence. And Long might have ended his real-world existence.

Chris Long is a UVa legend.

UPDATE: It appears @hokie4lyfe either did not go private, could not stand the heat so he blocked Long, or was so publicly shamed for running away with his tail between his legs that he made his profile public again. Either way, his mentions are on fire right now.