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WATCH: Virginia Basketball and its Pack Line Defense are anything but boring!

Whatever you do, don’t call it boring!

The Virginia Cavaliers have found a way to keep winning their way—all the way up to No. 1 in the latest AP Poll—and it’s really starting to grate on some people’s nerves. Tony Bennett’s Pack Line Defense, coupled with a only-good-looks offense, is slowing down the pace of play, so much so that the NCAA decided to change the rules to try to level the playing field.

Last weekend, when ESPN’s College GameDay came to Charlottesville, there’s one thing everyone on set could agree on. Not only does Virginia have the talent and skill to make the Final Four in this year’s NCAA Tournament, they’re doing so in a way that’s anything but boring.

If you managed to miss the show either in person or on TV, don’t you worry -- we’ve got that awesome intro clip that only true fans of the sport of basketball can appreciate. Watch it for yourself in its entirety:

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