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Good Morning America features Virginia Athletic Director Carla Williams

Sure, she’s the first female African-American AD in a Power 5 school, but really, it’s just that she is AWESOME.

Matt Riley, UVA Media Relations

There are five female athletic directors in the country. One of them is Virginia’s own Carla Williams, who also happens to be the first—and only—African American female AD of a Power 5 conference.

A former player, coach and administrator at Georgia, Williams came to Virginia at a time of heightened racial tension in Charlottesville, but that didn’t cause her hesitation.

“The people of Charlottesville have decided that they won’t allow the darkness here, that they are going to fight back,” Williams said.

Good Morning America ran a feature on Wednesday, February 14 on Williams, as part of its Black Girl Magic series, which highlights women who are disruptors.

“I’m living proof that you can do anything if you work hard, fight for your education, fight for the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than you, and you dream it.”

Watch the full segment below.