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What would the ACC tournament look like if it started TODAY?

Hoos are number one, duh. But who would they play?

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In two weeks, we’ll be one day into the 2018 ACC tournament, having (hopefully) survived the Tuesday session in Brooklyn. The Hoos have a chance to clinch the top seed in the ACC tournament with a win tonight over Georgia Tech, so we thought we’d take a look at where the ACC stands right now.

So, what would the bracket look like if the ACC tournament started today?

Here are the standings:

Virginia (13-1)

Duke (10-4)

North Carolina (10-5)

Clemson (9-5)

NC State (9-6)

Virginia Tech (8-6)

Louisville (8-6)

Florida State (8-7)

Miami (8-7)

Syracuse (7-7)

Boston College (6-9)

Notre Dame (6-9)

Georgia Tech (4-10)

Wake Forest (3-12)

Pittsburgh (0-15)

Everything is pretty straightforward with 1-5 at this point, with Virginia, Duke, UNC, and Clemson getting the coveted double-byes. The first tie in the standings is with VaTech and Louisville, but the Cards get the nod over the Hokies thanks to a head-to-head victory.

Florida State and Miami split the season series, but the Seminoles get the advantage thanks to a win over North Carolina. Boston College and Notre Dame are tied at 6-9, but the Irish won both matchups this season, making them the 11 seed and the Eagles the 12.

Pitt is last at 0-15.

Here’s how the bracket would look:

BC, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame, and Wake Forest would play on Turnt Tuesday. Virginia, who would hold down the morning session, would face the winner of Florida State and Miami. The current standings are extremely beneficial for the Hoos as they’d matchup with fourth-seeded Clemson, while Duke and North Carolina would have to battle it out in the night sessions.

The Hoos host the Jackets tonight at 7pm in the last home mid-week game of the season.